Holistic Energy Association
HMRC Charities Registered Number XT32487
Distant Healing

Distant healing is as valuable as contact healing and can reach people wherever they are. A Healer sends healing energy by concentrating on and tuning in to the person in need of healing. This is so important where those seeking healing are too ill to travel or are not mobile enough, are in another country, or are in hospital or a home.

The Holistic Energy Association maintains a distant healing list that is circulated beyond Association members and is updated frequently.

Only the name of the recipient and their place of residence is added to the distant healing list, no personal details or information are divulged. Anyone wishing to add a name to the list and then send an email or a letter to the addresses shown on the "Contact" page of our web site.

Feedback is important and we would love to hear about the progress of the recipients.

As always our volunteer healers work by giving distant healing freely as they believe in caring for humanity and deeply care for all who suffer. HEA would very much appreciate your support to enable these healers to continue this important work. Your donations will enable the Association to continue it’s work of promoting healing and giving healer members a caring organisation to belong to.

Please click here to download a Gift Aid Form, complete it and send it to the Registered Office with your kind donation.