Holistic Energy Association
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Committee Members

I was born in Yorkshire but have lived in Lincoln for the last twenty seven years.

I served in the RAF for twenty two years as an aircraft engineer and when I left I became a peripatetic music teacher for the next twenty three years.

The Lincoln Healing Centre has been the focus of my healing activities for the last fourteen years and I am pleased to have been voted in as a committee member of the Holistic Energy Association.

I have run the Lincoln Healing Centre for approximately 30 years.

I have two children and a grandson and I live in Lincoln. I have four cats which I "rescued" and they give me companionship and pleasure.

I am very proud to be a spiritual healer and have been healing for over 20 years. I originally joined a Lincoln healing group who were part of BAHA, I then joined the NFSH and recently I joined JASH, Harry Edwards Sanctuary and HEA.

I served on the Board of the NFSH for nine years and I was National Standards Officer for six of those years. I resigned in April 2012.

I am very excited to be part of the inception of The Holistic Energy Association and very honoured to be invited to serve the charity. I am willing to help the organisation of the charity in any way that is asked of me.

For all of her working life Pat has worked in an accounting environment. For ten years of that time Pat was a volunteer for the East Surrey branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Society. She was involved with fund raising, catering and was also treasurer for three years.

During 2003 Pat underwent an operation and was off work for six weeks. During that time she saw an article in a newspaper advertising classes for "How to Develop your Spirituality" and this accelerated her spiritual development.

In 2006 She became a student member of the NFSH and at the same time developed an interest in pendulum dowsing as well as becoming a Geopathic-Electromagnetic Stress and underground stream healer.

In 2006 She became a full healer member of the NFSH, joined the Walton on Thames healing centre 1n 2009 and is now chair of that centre. Pat is also a member of the Region 1 Committee and for a while was Chair of Region 1 during the time of the troubles in 2011.

Pat was one of the founder members of the Holistic Energy Association joining on January 1st 2012.

I was born in Aylesbury, but have spent most of my life in Lincoln. I am married to Sam and we have one grown up son. I love travel and have had some brilliant holidays over the years and have many happy memories. My husband is a big sea fisherman and we spend a lot of time on the east coast, which is only an hour away from our home and is great for much needed R&R. I love crystals and all things spiritual, reading, gardening and photography.

I began my journey as a Spiritual Healer in 2007 with The NFSH Charitable Trust, becoming a full healer in 2009. I joined the Lincoln Healing Centre in October 2007.

I have volunteered on numerous committees/boards over the last 40 years, usually in the role of Treasurer, or occasionally as Secretary. I was a Trustee for Lincoln Spiritual Association for a number of years until the Association closed due to lack of willing volunteers at the end of 2018. I served for a very short period of time on the Board of The NFSH Charitable Trust and I originally joined the Committee of HEA in May 2012. However, due to work commitments, I had to take a 2-year break; I was re-elected to the HEA Committee in September 2020.

I have worked in various roles including accounts, sales, production coordination, crew member on a trip boat, administrator, and from April 2018 until I "retired" at the end of March 2020 I was the Finance and Operations Manager for a Charity in Nottingham. Sadly, my working life didn't always allow me the time to dedicate to Healing.

Mark started his career in accountancy in 1961 becoming a fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants. He first worked for a firm of auditors in the Midlands dealing with a variety of small businesses before leaving to join first Hawker Siddeley and later Monsanto. He then joined a family group of companies being responsible for the accounts of a solicitors practice, house building companies, investment companies, a garage, a nursing home and a farm. He then moved to Surrey and became self employed, again working for small businesses, being with some of them as a part timer for over twenty years. Latterly he also works for a multi million pound charity with a trading subsidiary. He retired as a member of ACCA at the end of December 2012.

Mark attended Woking Spiritualist Church in Surrey where he met his wife Jennifer and discovered spiritual healing. They joined a distant healing group at the White Eagle Lodge in Hampshire and served there for seven years. He was introduced to the NFSH, began healer training, and was appointed to the board as National Treasurer in 2006 while still a probationer. In 2008 he felt it necessary to resign from the board and became chair at a healing centre. In 2011 he began the process of founding the Holistic Energy Association. Currently Mark channels healing at the Walton on Thames Centre, the Harry Edwards Sanctuary and at home.