Holistic Energy Association
HMRC Charities Registered Number XT32487
Mission Statement

Healing is one of the most wonderful activities that can be undertaken by any person. To provide channelled healing energy, a caring attitude and a listening ear to any person suffering in body, mind or spirit is pure dedication to humanity.

It is our mission to bring awareness of all types of healing into the public domain.

Healing is offered to all irrespective of belief, origin or background.

Holistic Energy Association has been formed to provide a safe and respected organisation to fulfil this function.

Our Healer Members are dedicated to working as Spiritual Healers for the Greater Good. Our work is within the community either at Healing Centres, visiting the housebound or at home. Many work on a voluntary basis.

The Association is governed by a committee of five all of whom have signed a declaration stating that all committee members are equal, that no committee member has a casting vote, that no committee member has authority over another. Differing points of view are welcomed but bad manners are not. The overriding purpose of the committee is to provide Healers with a safe haven to enable them to continue their healing work.

The position of Chair is reserved for the Great Spirit. This organisation is committed to equality and morality, to encourage a deep love of healing among the Healer Members of the Association.

The world has a rich tapestry of all kinds of persons in differing lands and of many beliefs. We welcome all with a heart centred desire to work for the good of humanity, to apply to become members of the Association.